Monday, June 30, 2008

Guang Liang - Yue Ding (English)

Guang Liang - The Promise

we agreed that we won't see each other for three years
let us lock the time with our love
you said this is our probation with a smile on your face
[this is] our promise

*just like that, three years had passed
i still come back to this place
i close my eyes and wait for you to appear
[i want to] kiss you amid air

#i still remember our promise
a lifetime promise of happiness
the song that i wrote for you
it also had tears secretly dropping

i still remember our promise
i love you more than before
even the wind is laughing at me
i think it will tell you

i love you more

repeat *,#

you will remember our promise
i love you more than before
facing the winds, i smiled too
it certainly will tell you that i love you more

Note : Requested by Bobby. Bah lepas ni ko nyanyi ahhh...wakakaka


pinkneyd said...

Thanks, I love this song

Fredo said...

yaaa.. i love this song too...